Apostrophy Designs: Them Bones, Them Bones

Them Bones, Them Bones

I bought these cute PJ's for Bergs last weekend and I think they are flat out hilarious!

My sister Tif said she wants some in her size, and I AGREE...

I think the best part about them is they glow in the dark, something we didn't find out until we tried to put Bergs to bed.

Sure love me some Skeleton Jams!

(from Gap Kids Outlet)


Delia said...

Oh my! Those are SO cute. Owen wants to be a skeleton for Halloween. Maybe I should buy a pair of those!

Lando & Cami said...

Bergs is ssssoooo cute!!!!

Adrienne Hansen said...

I just got Jaden a pair of not as cute skeleton jams at walmart. He's wearing them now! We should get our 2 skeletons together while wearing them and have a party!

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