Apostrophy Designs: Halloween-y Pillow Covers & Tutorial

Halloween-y Pillow Covers & Tutorial

I have been feeling the sewing twitch lately.

So I whipped me out some Halloween-y Pillows!

You may remember that I have a special place in my heart for pillow covers.

I FLAT-OUT love them!

Here's my take on how to make your own Halloween-y Covers...

1. Measure your pillow - mine are 18", keep this in mind as you cut and pin your cover (I bought my cotton fabric from Hobby Lobby and had them cut it 20")

2. Cut your fabric to be 18" wide EXACTLY, this will give you a long rectangle roughly 44" x 18" (When you make pillow covers you aim to make your pillow a 1/2" smaller on all sides, this will allow the pillow to pucker or fill the whole fabric. NO ONE LIKES A SAGGY PILLOW!)

3. Depending on your fabric you can hem the ends of the pillows or leave them be (sewer's choice!) I tend to hem them by rolling them once.

4. Find the middle of your pillow and mark the ends of your measurements with pins - my pillow was 18" but because these sides are not sewn I marked my ends at 17 1/2"

5. Fold one side over along the pillow edge and pin top and bottom (don't mind me cute assistant's boots!)

6. Fold other side over and pin across top and bottoms

7. Sew across the top and bottom with 1/4" seam allowance and trim corners, flip inside out and...

And your done! Wahoo!

Oh wait...

Well you see I went to the fabulous and crazy Swiss Days with my sister-in-law and we saw these cute numbered pillows, but by the time we had found them I had run out of money and patience (we had the hardest time finding them!)

But my SIL, being the vinyl queen she is, said that we could easily make them.

So since Labor day I have had this particular pillow in my mind, I had originally bought tan-ish fabric to make the cover but then when I was at Jo-Ann's the other night in their bargain bin they had this awesome black JUTE.

I quickly got excited and didn't waste anytime painting my 31 onto the JUTE with white/sparkle/glow-in-the-dark fabric paint.

And then after it dried, I made my pillow much like the one above only I top stitched the JUTE and frayed it to give it a fun texture.

Now if I could get the rest of the decorations out we'd be set!


Delia said...

Oooh...you make it look so easy. Nice tutorial. I love the glitter touch to the paint in the jute pillow. I am becoming a little pillow obsessed lately too!

Honeybee said...

Cute Tori! I did get a 31 pillow at Swiss Days, I thought they were so cute. I think I might like yours better though :)

Holly said...

Very nice! I love seasonal pillows :)

p.s. I have no less than seven pairs of Halloween socks waiting to be dusted off for fall. Mmmmm...

CAMBRIA said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE STEP BY STEP....we need to get together again and try and be crafty maybe this time i can leave Stella and we really can get something done:-)

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