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Mothers Without Borders

At the artisan fair I met a bunch of people from Mother's without Borders...

They go to Zambia, Africa a few times each summer and deliver goods, teach new skills, and spend some quality time with the people in Zambia.

For example, they have the most amazing purses and rugs. The women of the villages are taught how to sew and make rugs and other REALLY NEAT ITEMS.

People like Suz and Lori that act of behalf of Mother's Without Borders even travel to boutique and sell the items that are made in Africa to help raise awareness and money on their behalf.

Lori is even doing a fundraiser to get a school built for a bunch of children who are currently attending school in a chicken coop. (More to come on this later)

Think of all of the things we take for granted, for the opportunity we have the ability to choose which school to send our kids to when others are fighting for ONE school to be built.

I feel so selfish and sheepish sometimes, don't you?

Well we all can do more!

I talked to Christy who helps put on this amazing charity boutique and I decided not only would I donate some of my items that I have been making but I would put out a plea to other crafters (sellers and non-sellers) to make a handful of items to donate to the boutique.

I am going to send my stuff down in about a week, so if you are from cache valley and would like to donate stuff I would be happy to send it down with my stuff just e-mail me at torijoandersen(at)gmail.com.

Click here for drop of location information.

It's like George Clooney said when he won the Bob Hope Humanitarian award tonight "(he hopes there are people who will) find a way to keep the spotlight burning on these heart-breaking situations that continue to be heartbreaking long after the cameras go away."

I think this is one of those ways...


Katie said...

I LOVE this foundation. Julie and I have goal to go with them in FOUR years- our kids will be big enough to leave for three weeks then. Good Job Tori! Maybe I will think of something to make or donate. You are great.

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