Apostrophy Designs: Is This Thing On?

Is This Thing On?

Is anyone still out there?

Did you all run away, like I did?

Well I've done it again, I've just about beat myself crazy in preparation for the Cache County Fair.

After the Summerfest I swore off a big show forEVER (remember it was fun but A LOT of work) but decided last minute to pair up with a friend to do a booth.

So come visit and see what's new (I have quite a few things!)

On a side note: Where has summer gone?

I feel like I was dreading the idea of babysitting so many kids during the summer and they start school so soon... some days Bergs will be all by her lonesome and miss her cousins (so will I!)

I will have to think up something fun for us to do...ha ha~

I found a couple more pictures that I spiced up again because I'm obsessed with the vintage look right now... ENJOY!

 Princess Peach, Jimmy and Bergs in the tub post beach

Bergs being all grown up and eating pizza, seriously she has gotten so BIG!


Delia said...

That vintage wash is just too cool. Have fun at the show!

Adrienne Hansen said...

I'm here! I'm here!!! I've made a semi blog world comeback! I LOVE that picture of Bergs. She looks SO old! And that tubby picture is classic. Can't wait to blackmail them with it!

When is the fair? And who are you sharing a booth with...what will she/he have in store for us?

Ash said...

I love that photo of the littles. I just want to squish them ALL! And Bergs HAS gotten so big... goodness.

Trachel said...

the tub pic oh my gosh! how freaking cute!!! i love it! what a bunch of cute kids:) cant wait to see your booth Tor

Amy said...

how do you do the vintage? PLEASE DO TELL!!!! hope you do good at the Fair and hopefully I can catch you there on Sat.

the tubby picture is pretty much to die for.... cutest lil babes EVER!!!!

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