Apostrophy Designs: Back To School: Camping Edition

Back To School: Camping Edition

Soo I'm not big on bucket lists or anything but there was ONE thing I wanted to do all summer and that was to go camping.

Now I am not a BIG camper by any means, I wake up with swollen eyes and sore back...

Plus, I am not a morning person nor do I have easy-to-maintain hair by any standards (can we say flock of seagulls?)

So in my perfect world "camping" is a late night involving the roasting of things over the fire, especially smores!

I have been wanting to go and have been trying to arrange schedules and once school started I felt like a failure...but last minute we were able to grab a few of us and hit the canyon...

(I think we finally went so I could shut up about it! ha ha oh well it was fun...)


Delia said...

I agree...late night "camping" is the best. Babies do so much better that way too. I am with you on that one. Glad you had such a fun time!

GrowrichNguyen said...

Hi ,
great photos !

Hope your family is always happy.

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