Apostrophy Designs: Forever in Blue Jeans

Forever in Blue Jeans

What do we girls do when we get together? We like to craft and do all kinds of girly stuff (and eat brownies)!

Today we did some refashioning of pants (poor hadley kept wanting whatever we were done to her pants, but seeing how we were re-working old ones I didn't want to ruin her already cute-ish ones)

This is Brooklyn and even though pink isn't her favorite color she wanted something colorful and bold (just like her!)

So we dove into some scraps and this is what we came up with...

She wasn't so sure at first but once we added stuff onto the packets, including my favorite a zipper flower,
she was in LOVE with them!

Next, Brinlee's skinny jeans...she likes her jeans tight and didn't want to make them baggy so we kept the jean length longer and made them more grown up (because she is a year and half older than her sister ;))

Again I totally love the zipper flower on the back pockets.

So much fun!!

In all fairness today we also deep-fried all sorts of things** to entertain the boys
(Did I mention we had a house full of kids today? I guess that's what summer brings...I'm not complaining because it's fun.)

**Using pancake batter, we made onion rings, southern pickles, cheese sticks, bracken's doritos, and even tried some chocolate...really tasty if you ask me.


Delia said...

So fun! I like the second pair a lot!

Adrienne Hansen said...

You are so freaking creative. Maybe we can sell jeans like that too? ;)

LeAnn and Dallas said...

Cute ideas! You really so some creative things!

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