Apostrophy Designs: Seven Months

Seven Months

Bergs turned 7 months while we were in California.

We went where every 7 month-old dreams of going... SEA WORLD!

I was planning on doing her pictures on the trip but forgot the blanket, so I had to take them after we got back.

To make it up to her, I promised she could wear her Minnie onsie again.

Bergs rolls all over the place and it was really hard to take some decent pictures this time.

In fact some of the best pictures were the ones when I held the bear above her and not put it next to her.

She also sits, kinda, for a bit and then she falls over and goes back to rolling.

Watch my baby grow HERE.


Shels said...

wow she's totally outgrowing that teddy bear!!!!! What a cutie!

momma said...

these pictures are so precious!! this has given me a great idea for our 3rd baby :)

Adrienne Hansen said...

She's getting so big! I just want to squeeze her little cheeks and thighs. Such a cute little girl!

katrina said...

Cute, cute, cute! I can't believe she's already 7 months!

Ash said...

I love that Berg.

Tanner and Stacy said...

She is so sweet! She seems so happy all the time. I love that picture of you two in Cali where she's holding your face. Did you plan that? I love it!

Heather Brady said...

She's gonna be a heartbreaker - wowzers, what a cutie!

Amy said...

how come I didn't comment here? because I shoulda. I coulda. what?

SHE IS DA CUTEST. I can't wait to love on her. in just a few short days.

BERGEN!!!! love love love ya.

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