Apostrophy Designs: Best of the West

Best of the West

A long time ago in the the Wild Wild West my dad, Steve, was born.

Little did he know at the time, but he was destined to become a cowboy.

But he had gone on and lived his life 61 years without even riding a horse,

Until that fateful night his family took him to Texas Roadhouse...

And then a champion cowboy was born, and the West was won!

[I don't think any of us have ever laughed so hard,
has anyone else ever 'saddled-up'?]


Jason and Noelle Jones said...

That is funny, I am going to take someone there on their birthday just so I can see that!!

Adrienne Hansen said...

I didn't know they did that! Haha! We tried to go a few weeks ago, but the wait was like 2 hours. I hear it's pretty fun though. Happy Birthday Steve!!

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