Apostrophy Designs: in HIS shoes

in HIS shoes

Remember this photo, from HERE?

Well Don felt left out and wanted his own shoe shot with Bergs.

[This also happens to be a sneak peek from our first family photo shoot,
I will post more once Ash puts them on her website.]


Adrienne Hansen said...

Haha! Those are some nice shoes Don! And I love Bergen's outfit!!!

Megan said...

Love it!

Ash said...

I posted it sooner than I thought I would... I posted a ton, too, because there were SO many good ones. Thanks for asking me to take your photos. Love you ALL!

Trachel said...

I love don's shoes and troy will for sure be jealous of them:) it is a very good picture and the bergs is a doll! cant wait to se more. I love your new layout as well! p.s i need to pimp my blog with your help? ha

Amy said...

oh my gosh. that is such a cute idea!!!

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