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Is anyone else freaked out over the Swine Flu?

I had a panic attack at 4 in the morning that ended up with me deciding to stock up on food storage.

Then I decided the Swine Flu was fabricated by the government to get the economy stimulated again through food storage.

I've been watching a lot of 24 lately. 

Needless to say I didn't make it to the grocery store today.

[P.S. No one, and I mean NO ONE, loves Horatio Caine quite like I do! 
Shameless Stolen from HERE]


Adrienne Hansen said...

You are funny! And I am a bit freaked out about swine flu...especially since Josh is headed to NYC tomorrow morning. Yikes!

Also, I have been watching 24, but I'm like 4 episodes behind! Are you guys on this season?

Scott and Abby said...

We love 24 and CSI Miami!! Yes, Im a bit worried about Swine Flu! Scott is in and out of Dr offices all day bc of his job. I've been making him change his clothes and wash his hands before touching anyone at home. Extreme maybe but I can't help but worry. Agh! What's going to be the next big scare??

Trachel said...

I dont know Tor i mean i love H he is so awesome! He always says and does the best thing right at the end of the show. Swine flu stinks!

Amy said...

the food storage isle at Wal-Mart was PACKED last night! kinda freaky!!! oh my gosh. time for the creers to buy more puddin'.

momma said...

funny! i get freaked out from time to time over stuff like this, too.

i'm another H lover, too :) love those sunglasses!!

Ashlee said...

Its funny you ask. I live where it is. And to be honest, I am not going to stop living my life because of it. There have been a couple of schools shut down here but what are you suppose to do lock yourself inside for the rest of your life? We just keep taking all our nutritionals in hope that we stay healthy!!

katrina said...

Swine Flu is scary! I have a student coming back from Mexico on Monday and I'm a little nervous. Maybe I'm just pregnant and paranoid!

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