Apostrophy Designs: Hoppy Easter '09

Hoppy Easter '09

Our Easter looked a little bit something like this:

and then like this:

It ended up being a really good day, we went to church and ate lots of good food! 

I am grateful this year for HIS Resurrection and the blessing of eternal families.

So far ours looks like this:


Adrienne Hansen said...

Oh! That dress is DARLING on her!!! I can't believe you made 3! dresses with a 2 month old. You are amazing! And I love the family picture at the bottom...very cute!

Amy said...




the cutest. ever.


Unknown said...

I will put you on my payroll next year to make Savannah's Easter Dress

Ashlee said...

Your little family is pretty cute!! And the dresses turned out so adorable!! Isn't it so fun to make something and have everyone say that they are so cute?! I think thats why I do it.

AdAmy said...

And a very cute eternal family at that!!

Katie G. said...

Cute Dresses!!!

Traci said...

Thanks again for the cute dress tor! They turned out so cute! I love your cute little family picture!

Jeff and Jess said...

Way Cute!!!

momma said...

what a lovely family! those dresses are absolutely adorable. you have a wonderful talent!!!

happy (belated) easter!!

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