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Help, I Need Somebody

So I've put together this cute blanket for Pamela and I've tried my hardest to bind the thing [3 times to be exact] and nothing has really worked.

I am at my wits-end, people.

Anyone out there know a good tutorial, be willing to mentor me, or want to finish the binding for me??

[You can even still see my latest/failed attempt in the photo, boo!]


Tanner and Stacy said...

No tips, but I want one just like that!! TOTALLY just kidding cause I know you really would! I am LOVING that b-ball picture!

Amy said...

oh tor I wish I could help you. I wish I wish I wish..................

Anonymous said...

I so wish that Grandma Clark was here... she would love to do that for you. She just loved to do quilts. In fact I know she would have done one for Baby Pamela.
We love you and and can't wait for you and Adam's new arrival.
Grandpa Scott

Adrienne Hansen said...

Hmmm...what have you tried? I've done a few bindings before. BUT, you have done more than me so I think you are more of an expert. Maybe together we can think of something.

Steal any of the pictures you want! :)

Skye O. said...

Hey Tori, I love checking out your blog. Good luck with your new little one. I found a tutorial on binding a quilt. that I think is a good one.
love your bags!! Isn't it fun?

Katie G. said...

Tori, this is what I used when I did my first quilt binding I think by far a biased binding is very worth it. But I also had my mother-in-law watching over my shoulder helping out in case I did something wrong... http://quilting.about.com/od/bindingaquilt/ss/binding_strips.htm.

Hope it helps!

momma said...

i have no help to offer, but i hope you find some :) sending happy thoughts your way :)

Shels said...

mmmmmmmmmm seeing that if I was in that predicament I would go to you for help, I dont know where to tell YOU to go for help! good luck-it looks beautiful!

Ashlee said...

Take it to my mom she will do it for you in two seconds! I would if I was close you could mail it to me. Or sew one side on and then fold it over and sew the other. I will call my mom and tell her you will bring it if you really want me too.

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