Apostrophy Designs: The Olymmmmmpics...

The Olymmmmmpics...

have completely taken over my life and DVR.

consume my thoughts all day long.

are even popping up in my dreams.

are great in everyway possible, except the women's marathon, which was TOO much coverage.

[Have even found myself getting annoyed with those who aren't up to par on the current Olympic knowledge]

will be over in one short week, how will I go on without them?


Ashlee said...

Karra and I spend every second sitting in front of the tv. She loves it. And get really mad when they go to comercials, she say's "GO BACK TO THE LYMPICS" over and over in tell it comes back on. It's pretty funny.

Leslie said...

Here here! I have watched the Olympics every single day. Except I have a worse addiction. An addiction to Gold Medals. I find myself checking the medal counts every couple hours. We have the most total. But not the most Golds. BAH! I need Phelpsy back to win some more. I'm going through withdrawls.

Shels said...

I covet that dude's bike.

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