Apostrophy Designs: Nie Nie Day.

Nie Nie Day.

Many of you are familiar of the Story of Nie Nie and her husband. Many of you are also aware of the silent auctions that are floating around the Internet helping raise money for the family...

Many of us have felt very strongly for this family and having been wanting to help, and now I think we all can.

Like I mentioned before there are A LOT of silent auctions going on around the internet today and throughout the weekend. [BIG LIST of them HERE]

I have even donated a Little Birdie Tote to be bid on over at The Ponytail Challege, along with a bunch of other fun stuff to bid on.

So go on and bid now [there is LOADS of cute stuff out there!], all the money will go to the family and help them in their time of need.

If you get a little nervous about auctions and would love to give money another way, directly to the family you can click the link below and donate money. I'm sure every bit helps! Thanks!


Adrienne Hansen said...

Tor-you are awesome!!! Yay for Nie Nie Day!!!

Katie said...

Thanks for helping with this. Courtney is a good friend of Karli's.

justsayit said...

This is such a great idea.

I was wondering... how do you make your header without the border lines around it?

You are seriously my blog life saver.

justsayit said...

You know me as www.adamandsheena.blogspot.com

I'm setting up this blog for my mother.

Chelsie said...

Well Congrats on the baby. When can you find out what the little thing is? (If you even want to) That's sad that your not with Guymon anymore. He was such a nice man. NOT. man was I glad for an excuse to get out of there. Maybe someday you can tell me your long story. So what are you doing now? Yes we are in Logan. I have one semester left and then I am done at USU. Yay! You guys are still here right?

Tanner and Stacy said...

You guys can come down whenever you want! That's the joy of being a stay-at-home mom. And I really need Tami to cut my hair cause I don't even know how to go about finding someone down here. I just decided I would grow it out now so I would only have to get it cut when I come home. HA! Come whenever!

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