Apostrophy Designs: 43rd


Today my Mom and Dad would've been married for 43 years.

I am still in awe of how gorgeous my Mom was and how young and handsome my Dad was.

I can't help but think of a fun Girl's trip we took for their 40th Anniversary to Las Vegas to see Donnie and Marie {I know, it's a Utah-Mormon thing}.

But we had a lot of fun!!

I am thankful for lots of fun memories with my Mom and my family. She was a great example to me in so many ways and taught me a lot of life lessons. I am also so thankful for the knowledge that we can be forever a family.


Stacy said...

Holy cow! I don't think I realized how much you girls look like your mom--there's a little bit of each of you in her! You're all beautiful!

Shels said...

Agree with Stacy-you are all so beautiful, just like your Mom. :)

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