Apostrophy Designs: Burn / Valentines Day

Burn / Valentines Day

A few weeks ago my Bergen Bug got burned.

It was not a fun experience for anyone involved.

I was at work and Bergs was with her aunts.

It happened all to fast, and we all feel really bad.

She pulled a hot bowl of top Roman off the counter and dumped it on herself.

It burned her right eye and arm. OUCH!

We feel very blessed because it could've been a lot worse and are thankful for all the help and loves!

She was a really good patient and would tell me her "arm better mom, better!"

I tried to get some pictures of her arm but she wouldn't let me, she liked to keep it covered up.

Here's her eye a few days later and it already looks better.

This was the cute little outfit I bought her for Valentines Day, but I didn't get to many pictures!


Chelsie said...

Your sister Traci cut my hair yesterday and she told me about this. Poor Bergen. I hope she is getting better. Brooks burned his hand a few weeks ago and it was the saddest thing. It is so hard to watch your kids hurt.

Heather J said...

Oh no...I'm sorry to hear that she got burned. I hope she is feeling/doing better. She looks adorable in her V-day outfit and a late happy birthday to her as well! Two years goes by fast huh?

katrina said...

I received a nice little surprise from you in the mail. Thank you so much for sending that! We are SO grateful!

Poor little Bergen, but she looks as cute as ever. That doesn't sound like a fun experience for anyone involved.

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