Apostrophy Designs: @ the Meadows Market

@ the Meadows Market

Sneaky peaky of the things I am going to be selling at the Meadows Market this Saturday here in Logan!

The boutique goes from Noon-7:00pm and is at the Dance Illusions Studio on Main Street next to the Logo Shop.

For more information visit here or send me a note, see ya there!


Cody and Tennille said...

I'm so glad you are doing the market! I will be away at a dance competition, but I'm going to have my mom stop by...I want her to get me a few of your things.

Katie said...

SO CUTE! Will you be selling them in your etsy shop too? I better get a job so I can afford to buy all this cute stuff:)

Leslie said...

Do ya need any help? By the way everyone loves my zipper flower bracelet!

Britt, Ben and Mack said...

I love these! Where do I go to buy them?

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