Apostrophy Designs: I'm Lovin' It

I'm Lovin' It

inspiration HERE, HERE & HERE

thanks to awesome sister SALLY!
(you too can have gel glitter toes if you live in Cache Valley, just ask for more info!)

view HERE & HERE

**AND WE'RE OFF to Reno to cheer on them Aggies!! Be back with a pillow tutorial and more pictures and posts...


Jen said...

Does Sally work out of a particular salon or just out of her home? Does she do regular acrylic too? And what is her pricing for nails and glitter toes?

Skyler and Chelsea Thomson said...

2 questions for you... would you be interested in making some pillow covers for me? How much would you charge if I brought you the fabric?

And does Sally do nails??

Ok guess that was 3 questions :) heehe

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