Apostrophy Designs: Checking In

Checking In

Checking in really quick to let you know...

-we are having the time of our lives
-we are shopping our hearts out
-we are warm compared to utah
-we are wearing navy (most everyday)
-the Aggies are winning, which is a great explanation for number 1


katrina said...

That's awesome that you guys went to the tourney. Too bad the aggies didn't have a happy ending. Are you off to Spokane now?

Melanie said...

First, go aggies go aggies hey hey hey.
Second, I love the birthday pictures of Little Miss Bergs! So cute! I wish we were closer. I'd love to have Ashley, known around here as Angela Fabulous, get some good ones of our little birthday boy.
Have I told you that you inspire me to get back on the blog and maybe even make some attempt to be creative? Well, you do.

AdAmy said...

That little Bergen just gets cuter and cuter!
Go Aggies (the Utah State ones) at the big dance tomorrow!

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