Apostrophy Designs: Valentines La-La-Love-lies

Valentines La-La-Love-lies

I felt it then...

I feel it now...

Happy Valentines Donnie, I [insert cute flashy heart, LOVE=TRUE] you!

Happy Valentines Day everyone else!!

P.S. Bergs sends her Valentine Love as well (isn't she the best?)



Adrienne Hansen said...

Oh Bergen! Kisses right back to you! Happy Valentine's Day to the DonTors and once again, TOr, THANK YOU for marrying my brother and making him into a nice brother. :)

Amy said...

1 week until I get to smother that little cutie with kisses!!!!!! and ditto to ade: thanks for marrying mr. grouchy pants. :) WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Traci said...

That video makes my heart melt! I am so glad you got her on video! I love her kisses and her wave! So stinking cute! I was hoping the video was going to be don's a team video! Davis loved it!

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