Apostrophy Designs: Still Here, Nothing New

Still Here, Nothing New

my life is exactly as the title states.

i am still here and just waiting for the days of summer.

i have been enjoying bergs learning all sorts of things such as "uh-oh", "go" and loving mac n cheese.

i also love photo booth, i seriously took pictures of bergs and i everyday when she was first born (might make for a fun flip book some day) but lately i've been slacking in my photo booth-ness.

i really would like a new camera, mine has been frustrating me as of late with the picture quality and how fast bergs moves now.

i have some exciting news to share but am waiting for it to be final before i announce, i'm not pregnant, hint it's about my shop. more to come soon.

i went on a date with adam don last week and boy it was fun, it's been awhile since we went to a movie, a real treat i tell ya! thanks sister tami!

i also went on a road trip with other sister sals and we had fun shopping, treats and great food!

i made some cute pillows, if i ever reconcile with my camera i will take some pictures and post them.

i hope you had a good weekend, we did! let the new week begin...


Ash said...

Soon, you'll have little Bergs' one year photos to post... yahoo!

I'm waiting for summer too.

Delia said...

Bergen's skirt turned out so CUTE! It is fun to see your shop taking off. When I talked to you at Enrichment about the zipper headbands I had no idea you were featured on Studio 5 until afterward! I wish you would have said something...but then again that is you...always humble.

I am sorry to hear that your camera is on the fritz. That would drive me nuts. Sounds like you have been busy having fun. I am excited to see your pillows.

Katie said...

I can't wait for Summer too- my kids are driving me insane. Thanks for the encouragement on the skirt- it turned out so cute- Savannah loves it.

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