Apostrophy Designs: A Daddy's Dream

A Daddy's Dream

What dad wouldn't love his a little girl that likes to watch Sunday golf and basketball?

I just wish this picture showed her love for both sports...

You may need to click on it to make it bigger!

Where was mom through all of this?

Back in the sewing-saddle, until my only needle broke...

Maybe it was a sign that I was being too neglectful.

I just have a few more things on my to-do list before I get back to the shop again.

I get excited just thinking about it.


momma said...

there is something special about a daddy and his little girl!!

Adrienne Hansen said...

she is so cute. can i have another attempt at watching her? i feel that we had unfortunate circumstances. also, i took a few cute pictures of her before the meltdown. i will email a few to you! :)

Shels said...

That reminds me of the time we watched Boston and all he wanted to do was sit and watch football with Cody. sports and babies....

I cant wait till to see your new additions!

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