Apostrophy Designs: Baby Cakes and Decor

Baby Cakes and Decor

This makes me hungry just thinking about this etsy shop.

Too bad they aren't edible, they are washcloth cupcakes. Wouldn't they be perfect to give to someone who is having a baby girl?

Plus they come all package up cute, I think I'd buy them just for the box!


Traci said...

At first I thought those were for me for my birthday! Then I realized what they were! I was excited to eat them! They look good enough to eat! Too cute! We need to make some since we have craft Wednesday!

Adrienne Hansen said...

I was looking at those just the other day! So cute and yummy looking! And I totally agree about the box. Holy crap it's cute!!!

Leslie said...

Haha I was looking at those thinking... is that frosting!? I was so confused. Maybe I am just exhausted on this saturday morning at work but I really want to eat one of those- even though they may be wash cloths!

Kami said...

I was at the farmers market today & I think that you should sell your purses there...& any other cute craft your up to! You & Traci could do it... Traci with her taggies!

momma said...

cute, cute, cute!!!

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