Apostrophy Designs: Those Darn Halls

Those Darn Halls

Sorry these pictures seem pretty silly if you don't live in Aggie country.

The Aggies played Hawaii last night, and those darn Halls seem to be cheering on everyone BUT the Aggies.

It's not working because Bergs appears to be picking up the Scotsman rather well for her age.

Also we're continuing to work on her winning team/losing team chant and hope to have that perfected by the end of the season.


Shels said...

I LOVE the third picture...so happy! Bergen seems to love being at the games-there are a lot of exciting things going on in that stadium!

so, my legs are KILLING...more like THROBBING...

Traci said...

OH You love it! What fun are things without a little bit of rivalry? The Ags may eventually grow on Davis! Keep trying! And besides Bergen is cute sporting any team apparell!
Love Ya!

Honeybee said...

Way to go Davis!! :) I bet you Dennings are all glad that Jake snagged Traci {SV & BYU} I'm sure it makes for some fun family get togethers.

Ashley said...

I love her big smile in that 3rd one. She looks so grown up!

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