Apostrophy Designs: Ten Months

Ten Months

Ten months happened right before Christmas so I am a little slow at getting these up.

I'm really glad I found the idea to do this on a blog so that I can go back and see her different stages.

Some of Bergs favorites are da-da-da-da-da, getting mom's toes, she wears ponytails, loves to eat crackers (or any food in general), walking in her walker and riding her pony (to come in another post all on it's own).

Love her lots and I'm sad that Christmas is over, because the next BIG milestone will be her 1st birthday...WOWZA!

Watch my baby grow HERE.


Amy said...

SHE is the







little girl in the WORLD!!!! I LOVE HER!!!

Tanner and Stacy said...

So cute! I'm sure that was a fun Christmas with her! I'm sad we missed you at the get-together! I was totally planning on you being there, so I was a little disappointed. I love the fireplace and the wall decor by the way! You need to come revamp my place!

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