Apostrophy Designs: Dear Bear Lakie,

Dear Bear Lakie,

[Remember this post last year, funny to think I knew I was pregnant but we hadn't told anyone yet...no one even thought it was weird I didn't waterski!]


Katie G. said...

umm by the way. I was in Bear Lake the very same time as you. In fact at about 8:30pm I was at La Beau's and saw you but before I had a chance to yell and make a fool of myself you guys had already pulled away!

Shels said...

How fun! We love Bear Lake too, and are long overdue for a visit on the lake!

Tanner and Stacy said...

It's been way too long since I've updated myself on your life! Your baby is a cutie! I love those thighs! Hope everything's going well--looks like it is!

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