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Baby Steps

[photo by AshTab]

This last month has been a blur.

When they tell you that you are going to be in survival mode there's no way to understand until you experienced it yourself.

I'm totally ready for my cameo on Survivor.

I hear that you easily forget this part of being a parent, allowing for multiple children to be born.

I have already forgotten what it was like to be pregnant.

I have not only forgotten labor but the after birth trials.

I have forgotten life before being a parent...

This is THE life.

Some days ARE harder than others but we've been taking baby steps and enjoying every minute of it!

So in honor of our ONE month milestone, we might be spending the day in our PJ's.

NO VISITORS please. Just in case!


tyson and ashley said...

Isn't it amazing how much everything changes after you have a baby! It is definitely hard work but also the most rewarding! Being a mom is the best isn't it?! And she is absolutely beautiful!!!

Brienne Alder said...

Gosh, for some reason I just cried while reading this.....probably because I feel the same way! It is such a emotional time in your life. It is easy to forget everything because so much happens everyday and they change everyday! I can't believe that it has already been one month that is so crazy how time just flys. I didn't mean to scare ya about the whole work thing, i didn't think i was going to cry it's all hormones and stuffa.....it'll be ok. You will be ok! Where do you work?

momma said...

it is amazing and wonderful that you can forget all the pain and agony in such a short time. children are worth it! enjoy her today (or, i hope you enjoyed her today) in your jammies :)

Amy said...

1 month already??? holy cow!!!! great post Tor.... so true!!!

I can't believe how big Bergen is looking -- already!!! she is so dang cute. I need to see you guys soon!!!

Adrienne Hansen said...

It's crazy how you can forget it all. So crazy.

Look at how cute little Bergen is! I just want to squeeze her and kiss her little chubby cheeks!

tifaniwilliams said...

Bergen is so cute!! You have definitely learned what parenthood is about!! Word of warning--from my experience girls still scream,cry ,don't eat when you want them to and don't coperate even when they are 7 and 8. I keep hoping it will get better!

Traci said...

I miss her so much I keep looking on your blog to see her. I hope my kids get better soon so we can love her and kiss her!! I miss you too! A week is too long without seeing you guys!! Pathetic I know!!

katrina said...

Right now I can't imagine forgetting how it feels to be pregnant:) Bergen is a cutie!

Shels said...

I am so glad I go to see you the other day! I cant believe its already been a month! Wow!

Emily and Russell Petty said...

She is already growing up so fast!

Anonymous said...

I think she looks older already! I also think that top photo's kind of funny... a lone foot! It's a good foot anyway, though.

Skyler and Chelsea Thomson said...

Its nice to hear I'll forget about all this fun I'm having in my pregnancy... haha without that I don't know that I'd have more :)
I can't believe she is already a month! WOW! Time flies! I hope you guys enjoy your jammie day!

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